Monday, 9 September 2013

Time to Alter Clothing

I was really amazed and blessed when a friend dropped by with garment bags full of clothes for me. Her mom was downsizing, and it's practically a miracle because her mom's clothes are slightly too big for me and that never happens. I might even have to take the seams in. I can't remember the last time I got hand-me-downs that were my size or bigger. Even if I were to go to a thrift store right now, I doubt I'd find more than 2 things that fit me that I liked. So I'm excited about putting together some Fatshionista outfits for autumn! I almost wish I was going back to college or had a new job to wear all these outfits to. I don't think the quail are going to appreciate my new looks very much.

Dancing the night away.


Dressing up is fun.

My shoes make me feel like Cinderella

Silver sparkly heels

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