Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sarong Styles

Lately I've been experimenting with sarong /pareau wrap style dresses. I wish I wasn't so lumpy, but I suppose part of self-acceptance is wearing what I like and that is comfortable, even if I can't look svelte in it. The last one I did was too short and wouldn't quite go around me. This one goes around me, but the fabric doesn't breathe, so it's hot, and it's too clingy so it's horribly unflattering. So try try again.

I like the backless look, but I wish I'd had the strap parallel to the ground.

I like my body from my head to my ribs, and from my knees down, but that's about it.

Yes it makes me cringe to see myself like this.

My friend gave me a pedicure yesterday.

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