Friday, 27 September 2013

Purplelicious Autumn Outfit

Sometimes when I want to talk about the metaphysical meanings of colors, I feel like I should put this on my Portal to Esoterica blog.

I love wearing purple, the color of the third eye chakra. And today I really needed to channel my higher self. I've been dying to wear this purple top my friend gave me. I paired it with a green skirt I got from Holy Clothing. I kept my purple watch on, since it matched my outfit. I went with silver jewelry and accessories, because silver is the goddess color.  Sometimes when your top and bottom colors don't match you need to tie it all together, and just last night I started wearing this loom knitted hat I made and realized it went with my outfit this morning. If you make things with the colors you love, you'll find they often match your outfits.

The wizard necklace reminds me I need to use my masculine magical energy too. Sometimes I need to be less emotional and more logical.

When I started taking photos near the fence, the neighbor's chickens ran over to see where their seed was. I've been tossing them some seed when I feed the quail, and the chickens were like, "Hey what gives." So I put the camera down and got them some seed.

Top: Gifted
Skirt: Holy Clothing
Watch: Timex
Silver bracelet: Yard sale
Wizard Pendant: Craft fair
Moccasins: Payless Shoe Source
Hat: I made it on a knitting loom.

Back view

What's up chicken butt.

Country chicken.

Loom knitted hat.

Front view.

Purple top.
Neighbor's chickens.

Wizard pendant

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Purple and Black Casual Outfit

I think I recovered from yesterday's sadness after various internet friends liked my photo on Facebook or told me in an IM they thought I looked fine.  Thanks guys.

So on to today. I put on my favorite purple striped top and paired it with a black skirt. It's super windy today so I asked my boyfriend to help with the photos. I wore my heart charm necklace to remind myself to love myself. I put my hair in a high ponytail to keep it under control in the wind. I think this would have looked better with my flat black Mary Janes but I don't know where they've gotten off to.

Purple striped tank top: Walmart
Watch with purple details: Timex
Necklace with hearts: Yard sale
Brown moccasins: Payless Shoe Source

Purple & Black Outfit: Front view

Windy Wednesday

By the orchard

Nice to wear make-up even if it is just for the blog.

Wind makes me feel energized.

Wind in the eucalyptus tree

Hanging on to the fence so I don't blow away.

A skirt in the wind makes for some difficult photos.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Lumpopotamus

Well this was a rough ride. When I am wearing clothes and looking down at my outfit it looks totally different than when I take photos of myself and that is very discouraging. I have a long way to go to loving myself. I think a lot of BBW's look great because they still manage to have good proportions and an hourglass figure, and I don't.

I'm tired of only liking myself from the top of my head to the bottom of my chest.
Bracelets and Necklaces self made.
Glasses from a .99 type store

Back view
My boyfriend said the top looked way better over the skirt.
Unfortunately that also gives me a horizontal line across the widest part of my body.

Red accessories to pick up the red in the print.

Out of 64 photos there were none I liked of the whole outfit.
Skirt and top were gifted.

I just want to be happy with my appearance.

I hate photos of me sitting down. I call this the mountain effect.
I hate that this is the way I look on webcams.

After seeing myself in the mirror, the print on this reminded me of a hospital gown.
When I told my boyfriend he said that's the first thing he thought of.
So this top is going back to a thrift store. Sigh. Life is too short to wear clothes you don't love.
I wasn't going to share this side view but it shows the awful things
this skirt does to my body. I look like I swallowed a beach ball.
In my thinner days, I would have looked amazing in this skirt.
I'll keep it to layer other long tops over, but they'll have to cover my belly.
If anyone thinks I'm being too hard on myself please speak up.
My arms are getting bigger too. I guess my body has run out of places to park fat.

Another front view.

I did want to say that I walked a mile last night. I wonder how many miles I'll have to walk before I love myself.


Making the Most of Fashion

I just had a hypnosis session to help with my confidence. It must have helped because I've started exercising again. Last night I walked for a mile in the moonlight. I'm proud of myself.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but a friend gave me a ton of clothes. I'd like to put some outfits together for this blog. Right now I'm wearing one of the tops. It's pale yellow with little circles all over it. They remind me of olives or avocados.  She also gave me a long black skirt which is almost like a favorite one I wore out years ago. So that will be worn a lot. I need to find something to go with this top so I can take a photo. When I do my laundry today I'll keep an eye out.

Since I now live in the desert without a car, I don't really get to wear my outfits anywhere. This depresses me. But at least the blog is my window to the world.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sarong Styles

Lately I've been experimenting with sarong /pareau wrap style dresses. I wish I wasn't so lumpy, but I suppose part of self-acceptance is wearing what I like and that is comfortable, even if I can't look svelte in it. The last one I did was too short and wouldn't quite go around me. This one goes around me, but the fabric doesn't breathe, so it's hot, and it's too clingy so it's horribly unflattering. So try try again.

I like the backless look, but I wish I'd had the strap parallel to the ground.

I like my body from my head to my ribs, and from my knees down, but that's about it.

Yes it makes me cringe to see myself like this.

My friend gave me a pedicure yesterday.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Time to Alter Clothing

I was really amazed and blessed when a friend dropped by with garment bags full of clothes for me. Her mom was downsizing, and it's practically a miracle because her mom's clothes are slightly too big for me and that never happens. I might even have to take the seams in. I can't remember the last time I got hand-me-downs that were my size or bigger. Even if I were to go to a thrift store right now, I doubt I'd find more than 2 things that fit me that I liked. So I'm excited about putting together some Fatshionista outfits for autumn! I almost wish I was going back to college or had a new job to wear all these outfits to. I don't think the quail are going to appreciate my new looks very much.

Dancing the night away.


Dressing up is fun.

My shoes make me feel like Cinderella

Silver sparkly heels