Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dark Mori Wardrobe Capsule for Under $100

I've been really studying up on Dark Mori (forest girl) fashion and using the Law of Attraction to help me focus, and capsule wardrobe dressing. In other words, I knew exactly what I was looking for, which saved gobs of time, because my boyfriend doesn't really want to wait 4 hours in a store for me to make up my mind.

So I needed some skirts for a hypnosis convention in Oct. Walmart had practically no skirts in the entire store. I don't understand why they wouldn't keep their skirt inventory full year round.  This happened the last 2 times I looked for skirts there.

But what did happen is they had a maxi skirt in a gray leopard print on clearance for $4.
They had a hideous striped maxi skirt as well, and we both passed it by on round one.  But it was my size, and the price was $3.  Even if I just bought it to reuse the fabric it was worth it. But them keeping in mind the layered look I'm creating I pointed out to him that only the bottom foot of the skirt would be showing anyway, once I had on a top and a vest and a sweater. So keep in mind my clothing total at this point is $7. plus tax.

He also insists I get a sweater, so I get a medium gray drapey sweater in keeping with dark mori colors (black, gray and white). That was $14 I think so now we are up to $21.

Then I go to Ross across the street and find a set consisting of a gray tank top and a black stretch net (sheer) top. It is $12 for the set but I see they are only joined by a couple of threads at the shoulder seam. If I clip those I will have 2 functional tops for $6.00 each.

Add those with the items I bought weeks ago and the black maxi skirt I already own I can make about 40 outfits.

I'm making a polyvore page with all the pieces and I'll share that when I'm done.
So now I'm at $32. Everything else in the wardrobe capsule is stuff I already have.

I have a moss green scarf that I got for $1 at a Thrift store and I want to make a black cherry hat so I have some splashes of color.

Tip: Pull the maxi skirt up to your armpits and wear as a dress with one of the sweaters or shrugs over it. It greatly increases the number of outfits you can make from a maxi skirt. Or park it under  your boobs and wear a crop top over it to make your torso look longer.  It is all about the proportions.

Dark Mori Wardrobe Capsule

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