Friday, 27 September 2013

Purplelicious Autumn Outfit

Sometimes when I want to talk about the metaphysical meanings of colors, I feel like I should put this on my Portal to Esoterica blog.

I love wearing purple, the color of the third eye chakra. And today I really needed to channel my higher self. I've been dying to wear this purple top my friend gave me. I paired it with a green skirt I got from Holy Clothing. I kept my purple watch on, since it matched my outfit. I went with silver jewelry and accessories, because silver is the goddess color.  Sometimes when your top and bottom colors don't match you need to tie it all together, and just last night I started wearing this loom knitted hat I made and realized it went with my outfit this morning. If you make things with the colors you love, you'll find they often match your outfits.

The wizard necklace reminds me I need to use my masculine magical energy too. Sometimes I need to be less emotional and more logical.

When I started taking photos near the fence, the neighbor's chickens ran over to see where their seed was. I've been tossing them some seed when I feed the quail, and the chickens were like, "Hey what gives." So I put the camera down and got them some seed.

Top: Gifted
Skirt: Holy Clothing
Watch: Timex
Silver bracelet: Yard sale
Wizard Pendant: Craft fair
Moccasins: Payless Shoe Source
Hat: I made it on a knitting loom.

Back view

What's up chicken butt.

Country chicken.

Loom knitted hat.

Front view.

Purple top.
Neighbor's chickens.

Wizard pendant

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