Friday, 23 March 2012

Giving Up Off the Rack Clothing

Today I was thinking I bet I could live another five years without buying another off the rack garment. I have a fabric stash, tons of patterns, tons of clothes I could redesign. I like the freedom of designing my own wardrobe. Very few things off the rack fit me anyway. I'm bigger than average. I have broad shoulders and long arms. I have wide calves. Many of us, maybe even most of us, can't wear off the rack clothing without some alterations. Plus people tend to give me clothes. Yardsellr just sent me a free t-shirt for example. Or I can knit or crochet vests and scarves and hats. This is good news since I don't like to shop. I really don't. It's tiring, nothing fits right, it's overpriced and never seems to come in the colors or prints that I want, and salesclerks are well known for being rude to fatter older women. There are so many things I'd rather do with my time than shop. Years ago I made my own wedding dress. I figure if I can do that, I can sew just about anything.

I'd rather spend time in nature than shop.

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